Things that make me smile: Part I.

I’m utterly boring today, playing domestic goddess by doing my first loads of laundry here (uneventful, except to say that I haven’t gotten up the nerve yet to hang my underwear up outside) and actually getting some work done for school.  This is a little bit hard, since I don’t know yet what age groups I’m teaching and have only the vaguest ideas about their language skills, but hey, I’m trying.

Anyway, since I am so boring today, I thought I’d share a few pictures of things here that make me smile or laugh.  I labeled this post Part I, since I find something new to giggle about every day, and I’m sure my collection of photographs and memories will only grow.  Enjoy.

This is a road sign in the Baishaquan neighborhood, where Matt and I would live if we ever moved to Hangzhou.  I LOVE this area.  I’ll do a whole blog on it soon.  Anyway, you’re not allowed to honk in this neighborhood (which people here use as a sort of blinker: “Honk! I’m right behind you! Please get back into your own lane!”), but the first time I saw it, I- for whatever reason- thought there was some ordinance against brass instruments.

OMG.  It’s like I’m on the set of Friends.  I haven’t been in here yet, but from the street, you can see all sorts of posters of the characters inside.

It doesn’t surprise me that the waitstaff at this restaurant needed a little R&R, because it’s kind of a fancy place, but I was surprised that they napped right in front of the plate-glass windows.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this restaurant’s English name is “Sweet & Smelling Restaurant.”  I can only imagine what goes on here.

There’s just so much dried meat hanging everywhere.  I don’t even know what to say about it, but I think dried meat has its own innate hilarity.

Blueberry Pringles!  Cool…AND refreshing.

Cocktail in a Can.  To quote Trisha, “The Chinese are brilliant.”  There is a whole series of these at the C-store.  This one is grapefruit juice and vodka. And oh yes, I tried it.  It was pretty good.  And clearly good for me, with all that Vitamin C.

Just looking at the wrapper, what might you expect to find inside this tiny package?  If you said “candy,” then your expectations are on my par with mine.  However, we’d both be surprised to learn that it’s really dried beef.  These little guys are actually very handy to have in your purse, if you need a little protein boost when you’re out doing something fun.
Which means I’ll be packing them tomorrow when DW’s family takes me out again.  His cousin, Daisy, called me this afternoon (which makes THREE contacts in my Chinese phone now!), and asked if I was available Tuesday morning for some sightseeing.  I thought it would be rude to yell, “Hell yes!” (and maybe inappropriate, since I think she’s only 15), so I just politely told her that I would love to.  Can’t wait!
And as a quick shout-out to my family and friends who have Wisconsin ties: GO PACKERS!  Congrats to A-Rodg and the crew for bringing home another title.  It looked like an exciting game…from the game cast on that updated every 30 seconds or so.  If you saw any funny Superbowl commercials, feel free to send them my way.  If I’m sneaky about it, I can get onto Youtube. 🙂
Happy Monday!

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  1. I think the dude with the rabbit in his bike basket would work well in this post too. Your comment about just missing him kiss it makes it that much more hilarious!


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