The place.

This post will be long on pictures, short on text.  I took a video of the apartment this morning, but it’s too big for my slow VPN connection to upload, so I’ll either shorten it or I’ll reshoot it and try to upload it later.  But for now, here’s a photo tour of my apartment.

Water cooler in the dining room, the first room you walk into when you enter the apartment.
Dining room table.  Notice the vino! (Successful shopping trip this afternoon.)
Kitchen, which is off the dining room to the right.  Here’s our little stovetop- no oven, but who bakes anymore, anyway?

Sink.  Washer and dryer to the right.  I’ve heard the washer eats clothes, and I should use a washer bag.  If I can find one, I will.  Or my clothes will just smell.
Fridge and water heater.  You can’t see it, but the window that always needs to stay open (because of some noxious fumes) is right above the fridge.
The bathroom.  Small, functional.
Shower.  It’s only bearable to be naked in here because of those heat lamps.  Otherwise I’d freeze!  
And continue being smelly.
Second bedroom.  It’s small, but really clean and has lots of storage.  Very cold right now.
Living room, to the left of the dining room.  This TV has a working DVD player, but I’ve yet to figure out how to get the TV to turn on.  Not like it matters- for now, I’d rather curl up with my Kindle than watch Chinese soaps.
The couch.  Yes.  It’s mostly wood.
There’s a cool sun porch-y thing on the other side of the curtains in the living room.  Lots of natural light…when it’s warm.  I keep the curtains closed now to help keep in the heat.  Well, to keep in the not-as-cold-as-outside cold- that’s maybe more accurate.
My room.  Clean, warm-ish.  I like it.  Once again, big windows will let in lots of light, when it’s warm enough to open the curtains.
Ah, the heater.  The only heat in the whole place.  I heart the heater.


  1. I cannot wait to see pictures of you and Trisha huddled together in a corner for warmth:) Miss you already – you have no idea! Das


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