West Lake: Holy. Awesome.

I found West Lake today!  It was more like a 3.5km walk than a 2km walk from my apartment, but still very doable, especially with the mild temperature and my giant parka.  And for the record, Bao is crazy: West Lake absolutely rivals Lake Minnetonka and every lake I’ve ever seen in Minnesota, except for Lake Superior (and that might be my sentimentality talking).  It is beautiful and full of beautiful ancient temples and beautiful places to be peaceful and just watch…anything.  Everything.  Enjoy the West Lake Photo Tour, Part I; I only spent time on one very small corner of the lake, and there is much, much more to see.
A map of the lake.

Becca, translate those characters for me! 🙂

It’s probably wrong that these statues remind me of Mulan.  But whatevs.  I love that movie.

I believe that you can rent these row boats and take water tours of the lake.  Matthew, we are 100% doing this when you visit.

The bridge in the distant is called Colorful Stripe Bridge.  I was too far away to confirm or deny the truth of this name.

Matthew, we are definitely taking a ride on one of these boats, too.

Tons of bikes!  I’ll be able to rent one of these for free with my bus pass..as soon as I figure out my bus pass.
Omg.  A Starbucks.  
Oh, West Lake.  Your wonders never cease.

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