Partner in crime.

Short post today, as I’m heading out momentarily to Pudong to pick up Trisha.  I’m traveling with a driver from the school and Bao, so I’ll be knocking back the Dramamine like it’s my job.  She doesn’t know I’m coming, and I can’t wait to surprise her with some beef jerky and oranges (what else says “Welcome to China!” like beef jerky and fruit?).  I’m really, really excited to see her.

But of course it’s pouring rain (hasn’t dampened the fireworks though!) and I have to get to Bao’s house for lunch, which means I’m taking the bus for the first time on my own.  Crossing my fingers it goes well.  Or I at least get some sweet bus stories out of it.

The next time I post, you’ll hear a lot more “wes” than “Is.” Can’t wait!


  1. I could be confusing my Chinese cities but I think one of my professors just traveled to your city (can't remember how to spell it) and was crazy impressed with the transit system. I want to hear transit stories…and if you see something cool that has to do with transit…take pictures!!!


  2. I'll tell you what I know so far about the transit: the bus system is very cheap and very good, and they are building a subway system that will be done in about 2 years. Each major street has its own very wide, very separate bike lanes (separate in the way they are safely median-ed from the main street). Tons of people take the bus and/or ride bikes, and most are very excited for the subway. I'll let you know more if/when I learn more!


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